Photos of Oslo


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Queens pub.

Akershus fortress.







Karl Johan's gate.


!st. postage stamp.


Queens Pub.

One of the oldest buildings in Oslo. Converted into a pub by a friend of mine who hails from Ipswich. Good pool table, so I'm here almost every friday!


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Akershus fort.

This view towards Oslo centre from 'Hovedøya', a small island in Oslo fjord. The Island , once settled by Scottish monks is now protected but can be reached by a three minute ferry ride. The fort is the burial place for Norwegian kings, and also contains the Armed forces and resistance museums.


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Stortorvet, central-east. The older building at the centre of the picture is a pub called 'Stortorget Gjæstgiveri'. A mecca for jazz enthusiasts and with a cosy backgarden in summer.


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Karl Johan's gate

The main street through the centre of Oslo. The large building at the top of the photo is the King's residence. To the left, unseen here is the 'Storting' - the Norwigian parliament. To the right is the university of Oslo.


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Backgarden to Stortorvet Gjæstiveri.

Here you can spend a pleasant summer afternoon sampling the local brew. Two minutes walk from Central station.


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First postage stamp.

Norway's first postage stamp. Four skilling blue. Issued on 1st. January 1855.

Value unused today about £3000+. Used value from about £50.



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 Padgate Camp. No. 6 flight. B squadron. 1RC wing. January 1950.

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